Couponing 101

New to couponing? That's okay, look no further than here to learn how to coupon effectively. I myself am an avid couponer who is always on the lookout for the best coupons and deals. To help ease you into couponing, I've created this simple Couponing 101 page! This is definitely worth to read if you want to save money!

Coupon Basics
Why should I coupon?
Couponing is a very useful art to master. It can save you money, and a lot of it.

What does couponing include? 
Couponing covers several different factors, including using coupons during a sale, markdown, rebate, or other promotion. Using coupons during those kinds of sales can help you maximize the money you can save while purchasing items you actually need.

Finding Coupons
Coupons can be found in many different places or resources!
  • Sunday Newspaper: The most common place couponers find coupons are in their Sunday Newspaper. These newspapers include inserts with several high value coupons!
  • Printable Internet Coupons: Another great source of coupons are those found on the Internet. You can find plenty of high value printable coupons right here on FreebieBuzz! There are many other couponing resources online, but I hand pick the best coupons right out of those sources to minimize your effort!
  • Other Sources: There are plenty of other sources you can snag coupons from! These include magazines, in the aisles of stores, signing up for company newsletters, and coupons that come with a freebie!
Coupon Lingo
Manufacturer's Coupon: Coupons released by the manufacturer of the product. Most stores accept these. You can only use one manufacturer's coupon per item.

Store Coupon: Coupons released by a certain retailer that is only valid at that specific retailer. These coupons usually have wording that includes, "Coupon is only valid at..."

Stacking: When you use a store coupon AND a manufacturer's coupon on a single item.

Doubling: When a store will double the value of a coupon. Not all stores do this, so ask managers!

Filler: Refers to an item that you purchase to reach a minimum to snag a deal.

Expired: The offer is no longer valid.

BOGO: Buy one get one.

Coupon Overage: When the savings of a coupon exceeds the price of the product, allowing you to use the difference towards another product or as cash back. Not many stores do this so be sure to check before using the coupons!

Quick Coupon Facts
  • Stores do in fact get reimbursed when you use a manufacturer's coupon. They even get a small "handling free" as a bonus. Stores do not lose profit when you use a manufacturer's coupon. They actually make a few cents!
  • Most coupons have a bar code on them.
  • Almost every coupon will have an expiration date.
Beginner's Couponing
Before you begin your grand couponing adventure, you should do a few things. These include:
  • Joining your store's savings program, if available.
  • Checking the stores weekly ad. Most stores have these published online for easy access.
  • Know where certain products are located in the store to minimize the amount of time you ship.
  • Know your store's coupon policy to ensure you don't come across any problems when you checkout.
  • Planning ahead on what you're going to buy and how much you will spend.
Store Coupon Policies
Be sure to read and understand the coupon policies of these common stores:
Quick Tips:
  1. Never ever copy a coupon. This is illegal and you could face fines and/or jail time!
  2. Always ask store managers if their specific store doubles coupons! Doubling coupons is very beneficial.
  3. Also double check coupon policies to see if stores will accept competitor's coupons. These can help maximize savings.
  4. Always check the clearance section. Pairing these already cheap items with coupons can help you save even more.
  5. Only clip coupons for items you need. No need to be greedy!
  6. Organize your coupons. This can be done with binders or other supplies.
  7. Never let couponing take over your life. Only coupon in your free time and don't neglect things important to you!
  8. Take baby steps, enjoy couponing, and be positive.