About Me

Welcome to FreebieBuzz! Freebies, coupons, deals, sweepstakes, and saving money in general are great, but you've made your way over to this page to learn more about me! My name is Majed! I'm the guy (yup, a man who coupons!) behind FreebieBuzz. I'm a full-time engineering student during the year. As a student, I was flabbergasted by just how expensive basic living can be. I decided to start couponing and looking for freebies to help me save money. I eventually created this blog to help myself organize my deals and savings, while also sharing them with anyone who loves to save money!

Over time, FreebieBuzz has grown and gotten many more followers, which I think is just simply amazing. I'm so glad I'm able to help so many people! 

Always feel free to email me whenever you find a freebie, or if you have any problems or criticism. No matter what it is, I always love hearing from you guys.

I am thrilled to have so many faithful readers and visitors. Thank you and enjoy!